A San Francisco & NYC-based design studio creating impactful brands and strategic websites for lifestyle brands. Founded by Jess Levitz and Do-Hee Kim.

The Story of Us Pt. 1

The Story of Us Pt. 1

For our first blog posts we thought it would be fun to write the story of how our partnership began through each of our perspectives. First up is Jess, our brand designer.

This love story starts in 2013 in a closet filled with lingerie. There we sat surrounded by bras, two young women, both nervous. I was interviewing Do-Hee to be my design intern at the e-commerce start-up I was working at. Immediately I knew I had stumbled on a candidate that was far beyond what I could of dreamed of for a design intern. Ivy-league educated, artistic, passionate, hard-working, and she wore really cute round glasses. We hired Do-Hee on the spot and it was clear during the first few weeks that Do-Hee’s role was going to largely expand beyond the original intern guidelines I had set. I began to give Do-Hee all of the web design work because even though she didn’t have much experience in it - her natural knack for interactive design was uncanny. And with the web design off my plate, I was able to focus more on my true passion of brand design. Pretty soon we were working more as equals and felt a bond of collaboration that is rare. Our personalities meshed perfectly, and there was never any tension between us.

After a year of working together I moved on to freelance full-time. I missed working alongside Do-Hee though and continued to recruit her to work with me on client projects (like this one!). By this point Do-Hee had come to know the UI/UX world backwards and forwards and had re-designed much of the website at the start-up we worked for and had gained an adoring following of people from her incredible 100 day project. I had gained my own following as a blogger, letterer, and designer focusing on branding clients. At this point we were on separate paths but I knew eventually they would cross again.

I don’t remember exactly when it was but at some point in 2015 I sent an email to Do-Hee with an idea. That email turned into many phone calls and frantically excited text messages. The idea was this - why don’t we join forces to create beautifully functional brands and websites for e-commerce companies? Our talents and experience are so perfectly aligned for this idea. We love working 1:1 with people, and getting our hands dirty as we dive deep into the desires and needs of passionate business owners.

Now nearly a year and half later we are ready to present our collaborative business to the world and start working with shop owners to bring new life to their branding and websites. Our skills have moved far beyond where they were in that lingerie closet 4 years ago, but that initial connection has remained and we still get excited to work together everyday.