Paintbucket is a nail boutique in Brooklyn full of personality. In 2017, we came on board to create a witty, authentic and relatable brand identity from the ground up that would resonate with their target demographic of young, professional women in New York. Since then, we've art directed photoshoots, created retail concepts, designed and launched a Shopify website, launched dozens of email campaigns, and so much more, to set Paintbucket apart in the nail salon industry and thrive.

It’s hard to find a team that is truly dedicated to giving you exactly what you want in such a timely, cost efficient and professional manner (while also having fun). Jess & Do-Hee always help me out (no matter how busy they are). If you are considering working with them, don’t second guess it. If you’re in the hands of Shoppe Theory, you’re in a great starting place for building something great.You have to start with a solid foundation in order to build a skyscraper and Shoppe Theory will do that for you x 10.

Kristin P.
Founder of Paintbucket
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